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Hello and thank you for showing your interest in eyelash extensions Cleveland where we are the leaders in all things lashes.

Trying to give yourself longer eyelashes with fullness and thickness at home is a daunting task. Great lashes that aren’t clumpy can take so long and we know you don’t have time for that in your life.

We are here to give you simplicity and happiness through our eyelash artistry. Lash extensions are our passion and we treat it as the art that it should be seen as.

Our salon is the best option for your lash goals and wishes because we are extremely knowledgeable and personable. We make you feel better than you ever have while we are applying the safest and cleanest fake lashes you’ve ever had before.

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About Eyelash Extensions Cleveland Ohio

Every lash artist that we employ at our state of the art salon is trained by the best in the industry. Eyelashes are meant to look and feel elegant and beautiful. We give you elegance that you can wear proudly on your eyes everyday.

Our mission is to make a safe and comfortable environment that will keep you coming back. We are diligent about cleaning and sanitizing our salon so you can be comfortable knowing you won’t be getting eyelash extensions done with dirty materials.

We create a comfortable environment by making an atmosphere that is tranquil and serene. Soft and relaxing music is always played to get your mind in the state of relaxation. Your body will be able to zone out and escape from your everyday tasks.

Our goals as a team is to give you a professional and easy going staff. We want you to feel at home while also staying professional during your service. It is important that you are able to trust our process and our expertise.

We value constructive feedback and lash satisfaction. Our team is always evolving and improving and we want you to see that when you visit our salon. If you are not satisfied with your eyelash extensions then we haven’t done all that we can to make you happy. You are valuable and important to us.

Our lash company is the number 1 choice for you because we apply the most perfect eyelash extensions Cleveland surrounding cities has ever seen in the eyelash world.

Why Choose Us?

Every client repeatedly comes to see us because we are consistent in our valuable work. Our techniques cannot be matched no matter how much others may try.

We are trained by the most elite in the lash industry and we are continually taking courses to improve our lash applications. Your lashes will always look their best when you come to us over any other salon.

What we find important here at our salon:

  1. Understanding of each other. We want to understand your wants and needs when it comes to false lashes. Each lash technician will have a consultation with you to map out the Cleveland eyelash extensions that you find will satisfy your desires.
  2. We want to make sure that our salon is always using the highest grade adhesive and most innovative tools. You deserve to have the most elite products used on your eyes.
  3. We want to create an atmosphere that makes you want to continually come back to see us. We know that you are busy and life gets hectic and we want to help you forget about that even if it's just a couple of hours. Our salon is equipped for ultimate relaxation.

We have been in the Cleveland area for many years and we know what is most beneficial for the eyelash industry in our area. Our salon is committed to staying connected to the women in the areas because you are important to us.

Call our lash bar at your earliest convenience to secure an appointment before we book up. Your lashes deserve a treat and so do you.

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What To Expect?

cleveland eyelashes extensions

We make the lash extensions process so relaxing and painless. You will doze off and forget all your worries while we give you the best eyelash extensions Cleveland has ever seen and you will wake up happy.

Clients always choose us because we always put you first. You are our priority in the whole process and we make sure you feel like a celebrity.

Before your lash appointment:

  • Book an appointment with us so we can have enough time for you and you can pick a day that works best for you.
  • Get your lashes squeaky clean to give us a blank canvas to work with.
  • Stay away from caffeinated drinks that will make you feel jittery and make it so you can’t lay still.
  • Don’t guzzle water before you come in. You will not relax if you’re thinking of the restroom your whole appointment.
  • Come on time. We appreciate you and want to have enough time to properly apply lashes to their fullest and we cannot do that if you are not here on time.

During your lash appointment:

  • Be prepared to talk about what you want in your eyelash extensions. We will have a consultation with you before we start the application to make sure you are able to let us know what you truly want in your lash application.
  • Relax and be still. Refrain from talking a lot because we cannot apply lashes on a moving object. When your mouth moves, your face moves and that makes it difficult to apply clean lashes.Carve out enough time in your day to be with us in the alloted time. We make our appointments a specific length of time to ensure that your lashes can be as full as possible.
  • Pre-book an appointment for a lash fill so you will continue to always have the best eyelashes Clevend has ever provided and you won’t need to deal with gaps or sparse extensions

After your lash appointment:

  • Wait to get your face wet for at least a day. Our lash adhesive needs time to dry and cure completely and getting your lashes wet will ruin that process.
  • Do not smoosh, tug, or pull out your lash extensions. Your natural lashes need to naturally shed and pulling on your extensions will cause damage to your eyelashes.
  • Comb and clean your extensions daily. Build up can occur when your lashes aren’t cleaned and that can harbor bacteria. Gently comb and clean your eyelash extensions to make sure they are properly growing out and free from bacteria.


Our services are sure to make you smile from ear to ear. We will lift your eyes and bring out their most beautiful features with our lash enhancing appointments. Your eyes will never look better because you will have the best fake eyelashes Cleveland has to offer and your confidence will be boosted.

Partial Eyelash Set

A partial eyelash set is done one someone who doesn’t want to get a full set of Cleveland eyelash extensions put on their eyes. You can add lashes to the outer corners of your eyes to create a cat eye look or you can sprinkle them throughout your lashes to add pieces of length and fullness. This service is perfect for a beginner lash set to ease you into the world of lashes and give you the most natural lash extensions Cleveland Ohio has ever seen.

Classic Eyelash Set

A classic eyelash set is done on someone who wants a mascara or more natural look and doesn’t want to go too bold. This service is done by adding a single eyelash extension to an isolated natural lash to mimic the look of your natural lash pattern. You can customize classic lashes by choosing different lengths and curls to fit your desired look.

Volume Eyelash Set

A volume eyelash set is done on someone who wants the dramatic or extremely thick look and is ready to go all in with their eyelash extensions. This service is done by hand making a fan of 2-6 lash fans and adding them to an isolated natural lash to add fullness to sparse and thinning lashes.

Eyelash Extensions Removal

A lash extensions removal is a service that is necessary if you are ready to take of your lashes. We do not recommend taking off your extensions at home to prevent long lasting damage to your natural lashes. We are trained to take off your lashes in a safe manner that will not cause any damage to your lashes.

Eyelash Tinting

Eyelash tinting is done on someone who wants to darken their light lashes that look non existent. This service is done by coloring the lashes to tint them and add pigment so they appear thicker at the lash line and they are easier to see on your eyes. Our technique gives you the darkest eyelash tinting Cleveland has provided in a long time and we know you will be hooked when you try it out.

About Cleveland

Cleveland is the second largest city that is in Ohio and it lays on the shore of Lake Erie. The Cleveland Metroparks allow lots of outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, rock climbing, kayaking, and snowboarding. There is something to enjoy in any season.

The city is known for the Metroparks, Cleveland Orchestra, Cleveland International Film Festival, and the T.V. show “Hot in Cleveland.” The economy is mainly dependent on healthcare, technology, and steel.

The population is about 380,000 people with a diverse community. The city holds a lot of ethnic festivals to celebrate the many cultures in the area.

Surrounding areas include:

  1. Westlake, OH
  2. Shaker Heights, OH
  3. Bay Village, OH
  4. Avon Lake, OH
  5. Solon, OH
  6. Avon, OH
  7. Hudson, OH
  8. Rocky River, OH
  9. Broadview Heights, OH
  10. And surrounding areas

Happy Clients

The lash service was so relaxing and felt fast because I fell asleep. I love how my eyelash extensions look and I’m so excited to keep coming back to this salon.

Jessica W.

My lash technician took the time to educate me on what lashes will look best on me. I had so many questions and she was happy to answer all of them. I love my eyelashes and I’m so happy I tried out this salon.

Samantha S.

My eyelashes look perfect every single time I visit these ladies. I cannot believe the consistency they have! It is so great. I love how full and dark my extensions look.

Kayla G.

Industry Frequently Asked Questions

Are the lashes near me?

“Lash extensions near me” and “eyelash extensions near me” are common phrases that people have searched to find our salon and get the best false eyelashes Cleveland has ever seen.

Do fake eyelashes cause damage to your lashes?

Our application technique is specially done so you won’t have any lash damage while you have Cleveland eyelash extensions.

Is it okay to have eyelash extensions for a long period of time?

It is okay to have eyelash extensions as long as you would like. Your natural lashes will be okay no matter how long you keep them on. We apply the best lashes Cleveland has to offer, so you won’t have to have a time limit on how long you can keep them on.

How much do lash extensions cost?

Pricing is different for each lash service. Call us to get details on our pricing.

Will my natural eyelashes be okay after eyelash extensions?

Since we don’t cause any damage to your natural lashes, they will be good as new if we remove your extensions.

Can mascara be worn with eyelash extensions?

We do not advise you to wear mascara if you’d like to keep your lashes clean and clump free

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Throw your mascara in the trash and let us give you the most glamorous eyelash extensions Cleveland has to offer and get ready to love your new look. We are committed to making you happy when it comes to your eyelash extensions.

Our salon thrives on your satisfaction and we enjoy giving women the confidence that they have always deserved to have. Take care of you and take care of your lashes by getting the safest and cleaning lashes you can get in our area.

Call us right now and set up an appointment that you won’t regret making. We want to make time for you in your hectic life. Relax and enjoy a few hours of freedom and peace.

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